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We are a very small, family run, Certified Organic, orchard, hard cider producer and distillery in Ashfield Massachusetts (Directions). We are growing apples as sustainably as we can, taking into account the health of the flora and fauna as part of the orchard system. We have hard cider and brandy tastings, and in the fall we offer a couple of apple varieties for pick your own and often many already ready picked.
Some of what we offer - all fruit, apple products, and maple syrup are certified organic:

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We are continuing to develop our sustainable orchard management practices, which go beyond organic pest-control methods to include attention to ecological cycles in the orchard. Orchard management of this type is still in its infancy and it involves a lot of experimenting, and trial and error. Weather and yearly pest pressure varies greatly and will affect fruit quantity and quality.

Thanks for your interest and please
contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions.

1209 B Hawley Rd Ashfield MA 01330

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