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Lessons in recovering an existing orchard

Many of you are familiar with our patriotic lineup of pick your own apples, Liberty and Freedom. We had to determine what varieties they were based on descriptions, since we had no record of what was planted in our orchard, and these were our best guesses. We were never really confident on the Freedom apple identity, so when we had to replace a few that died, we decided to buy some Freedom apples from a nursery instead of grafting our existing apples into those spots. Those bought Freedom trees fruited this year, and it turns out the apples we were calling Freedom are something else! We went back to apple descriptions, and decided the closest match to the apples we have are the Jonafree. We may have to buy one or two of these varieties to be sure, but in the meantime that is what we will be calling those apples.

So, in this tumultuous presidential election year, we no longer have our patriotic apple lineup. Instead, we will be picking Liberty apples, followed soon thereafter by Jonafree. Same great apple, new name. We will have some availability of Cortland apples in the middle, but it was a rough growing year and the Cortlands have apple scab damage (surface blemish on minimally affected apples).


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