Old cider mill - Our old cider mill - Our newer old cider mill 2008
Inside our new cidery 2014

Our cidery building and tasting room is a home for fermenting, pressing, storage, and sales. Our orchard business takes place all in one building. We felt it necessary to make this a net zero building, since minimizing our footprint is important to us. The energy saving details of this building include four inches of rigid insulation under the slab floor, double-stud walls to hold plenty of dense-pack cellulose insulation (8” thick), R-80 cellulose in the attic space, and careful air sealing, including high quality windows and doors. We will be heating with a small air-source heat pump (mini-split), which we will power by adding four new panels to our photovoltaic array (which supplies the power we already use, for our home and two businesses).


The grinder (above, and now mounted on the wall below).
Turns the apples into a nice chunky apple sauce. Made in the USA by OESCO in Conway MA.

The press is a “water” press, made by Lancman and imported from Europe by OESCO in Conway Ma.
It uses regular household water pressure to fill a rubber water bladder in the center of the stainless cylinder that presses the crushed apples (pomace) against the outside of the cylinder. And then the cider runs out, turning it into a big fountain.